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Digital Nepal Conclave is an open platform for facilitating the effective dialogue to implement Digital Nepal Framework. It features keynotes from various renowned national and international experts and domain champions. It also highlights the issues of digital capability through various power panel samvad sessions, lightning talks, thematic presentations, feedback, and opinions from the domain champions and the audience.


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Digital Nepal Conclave 2024 is an initiative to incline all the concerned actors, stakeholders, and champions toward the overarching vision of Digital Nepal.

This year’s one-day conclave serves as a platform to discuss various dynamics of the digital capability for digitizing Nepal and make recommendations with the participation of concerned stakeholders, people, and parties. The participating panelists include ministers, senior bureaucrats, ICT professionals, entrepreneurs, academicians, and thematic champions from Nepal and abroad.

Digital Nepal Conclave 2024 is organized to support initiatives envisioned by the Digital Nepal Framework 2019. This year, the primary focus will be on “Harmonizing Digitalization and Development”.

The event will focus on integrating digital technologies and approaches into development initiatives in a way that supports sustainable and inclusive development goals.

The event will be further centered on bridging the digital divide, digital infrastructure capability, digital innovation and entrepreneurial capability, digital literacy, digital security, data capability, and emerging technology for digital transformation.

The conclave will be an open platform for facilitating the effective dialogue to implement Digital Nepal and will feature keynotes from various renowned national and international experts and domain champions.

Besides all, the program will, additionally, highlight on the issues of digital and development through various power panel Samvad sessions, lightning talks, thematic presentations, feedback, and opinions from the expertise and the audiences.

This event will serve as the grand conclusion following the successful completion of two pre-events, namely “Digital Pradesh Samvad 5.0” and “Digital Pradesh Paridrishya 3.0,” held across all seven provinces of the country. These preceding events paved the way for insightful discussions and visionary showcases of digital advancements at the regional level. Now, as we gather for this grand finale, we aim to amplify the impact of these initiatives by bringing together key stakeholders, thought leaders, and innovators from across the nation. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the progress made, celebrate achievements, and chart a collective path forward toward a digitally empowered future for all provinces of the country.

Theme – Harmonizing Digitalization and Development

The Digital Nepal Conclave, a grand annual conference, serves as the concluding event of the Digital Pradesh Samvad 5.0 Initiative. This marks its second event and will further continue in the years to come. 

Digital Nepal Conclave 2024 will be organized on the theme ‘Harmonizing Digitalization and Development’. The event will emphasize the integration of digitalization and development. The event will include in-depth discussions at both high-level and policy levels, involving senior government officials, sector experts, and stakeholders from both domestic and international arenas.

The event plans to gather over 600 participants from various sectors, including government, corporations, startups, entrepreneurs, international guests, experts, and media. Over one day, it will focus on discussing and creating policy recommendations to be sent to relevant authorities. The goal is to offer a neutral platform for all stakeholders to participate in Nepal’s digital transformation.

The conclave focuses on “digitalization and development” as it deals with how technology drives progress in different areas. Exploring these topics helps people learn how to use digital tools for sustainable development, innovation, and connecting globally. It also encourages discussions on how to reduce the gap in digital access, promote fair growth, and tackle challenges in today’s interconnected world. Overall, it is a way to leverage the transformative potential of digital technologies to drive sustainable development, improving the well-being of people and communities around the world.

In a digital nation, digitalization lays the groundwork for building a digital economy, society, and government. This is about having skilled human resources, strong digital systems, and rules that encourage the use of digital tools. To make it happen, the country needs skilled workers, reliable digital networks, and supportive laws that encourage the growth and use of digital technologies.

Hence, the Digital Nepal Conclave 2024, themed “Harmonizing Digitalization and Development,” will ensure Inclusive Digitalization. It will delve into strategies to guarantee that digital initiatives in Nepal are open and available to everyone, including marginalized groups. This effort aims to narrow the digital gap and foster fairness in society. The focus is on making sure that all communities and areas, especially those often left behind, can join and benefit from the digital journey.

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