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Razan Lamsal

Chairperson, ICT Foundation Nepal



The Digital Nepal Conclave 2024 is an initiative in Nepal’s journey towards becoming a digitally empowered nation. It is a one-day conclave promoting a future where digital innovation and technology serve as catalysts for progress and development.

At the core of this conclave is a dedication to inclusive dialogue and collaboration, uniting diverse stakeholders from Nepal and abroad, including government officials, industry leaders, ICT professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, and thought leaders.

Together, we aim to harness the collective wisdom and expertise of these individuals to chart a strategic roadmap for digitizing Nepal.

During the event, we’ll explore key aspects of Nepal’s digital capability, including digital infrastructure, innovation, literacy, citizenry capability, security, and emerging technologies. Through discussions and idea exchange, we aim to generate actionable recommendations for tangible progress in our digital transformation.

The Digital Nepal Conclave 2024 is the culmination of pre-events like ‘Digital Pradesh Samvad 5.0’ and ‘Digital Pradesh Paridrishya 3.0’ held across all seven provinces. These events gathered feedback and insights from diverse communities, laying the groundwork for the conclave.

As we gather for the Digital Nepal Conclave 2024, we’re reminded of the immense potential ahead. Let’s unite, exchange knowledge, forge partnerships, and drive the digital transformation agenda for a brighter, more inclusive future for Nepal.

The Biggest Digital Conference in Nepal

This year’s Conclave held exceptional significance as it convered on the theme of ‘Harmonizing Digitalization and Development.’

By fostering collaborative partnerships, promoting inclusive digitalization, and enhancing digital infrastructure, the event aimed to drive Nepal towards a future of sustainable growth and prosperity.

Through dynamic panel sessions, interactive workshops, and insightful presentations, the Conclave explored innovative strategies to bridge the digital divide, promote social equity, and drive economic empowerment for all segments of communities.

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Esteemed Speakers

Rt. Hon’ble Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’

Prime Minister of Nepal


Hon’ble Mr. KP Sharma Oli

Former Prime Minister of Nepal

Mr. Barsha Man Pun

Hon. Minister of Finance


Ms. Rekha Sharma

Hon’ble Minister

Ministry of Communications and IT, Government of Nepal

Mr. Maha Prasad Adhikari,


Nepal Rastra Bank

Ms. Sobita Gautam

Hon’ble Member

House of Representatives, Nepal

Mr. Hemraj Dhakal

Managing Director

IME Group

Mr. Himal Karmacharya


Leapfrog Technology Inc.

Dr. Bishwas Gauchan

Executive Director


Mr. Dileep Agrawal


Worldlink Communications


The Digital Conclave Nepal sets out to achieve several goals:

Encourage cooperation among government, private sector, academia, and civil society to align digitalization efforts with sustainable development goals in Nepal.

Ensure that digital initiatives in Nepal are accessible to all, including marginalized communities, to bridge the digital gap and promote social equality.

Identify and invest in crucial areas such as broadband connectivity, cybersecurity, and digital literacy to create a conducive environment for digitalization and economic growth.

Showcase innovative digital solutions and startups contributing to socio-economic development in Nepal, and discuss ways to support and scale these initiatives through policy, funding, and capacity-building.

Facilitate dialogue among policymakers, regulators, and industry representatives to ensure that digitalization policies are transparent, coherent, and aligned with sustainable development goals while addressing emerging challenges and opportunities.

Ensure that marginalized communities and regions benefit from and actively participate in the digitalization process.

Promote transparent and effective digital governance practices, incorporating citizen engagement to improve public service delivery.

Highlight the importance of digital leadership in transforming Nepal into a digitally empowered nation.


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for Digital Nepal Conclave 2024

Kathmandu Marriott Hotel

Kathmandu, Nepal.


Theme 1 (Opening Ceremony): Driving Digitalization and Development

Theme 2 : Sustainable Telecommunication and Policies for Digital Transformation

Theme 3 : Embracing the Frontier Tech for Development

Theme 4 : Digital Empowerment and Inclusion for Sustainable Development

Theme 5 : Digital Governance and Data for Development

Theme 6 : Digital Economy and Investment for Digital Nepal

Theme 7 : Way Forward for Harmonizing Digitalization and Development


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The Biggest Digital Conference in Nepal

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