The Digital Karnali Conclave 2024, a two-day event held in Birendra Nagar, Surkhet, came to a successful close on Falgun 19. Attended by over 700 individuals, the conclave focused on the crucial theme of ‘Harmonizing Digitization and Development for Digital Karnali, leaving a significant mark on the region’s technological landscape.

Organized jointly by the Government of Karnali Province and ICT Foundation Nepal, the conclave witnessed a gathering of more than 50 experts and stakeholders from Kathmandu, who shared insights and perspectives on digital development and its ecosystem within Karnali.

The inauguration of the Karnali Conclave saw the esteemed presence of Chief Minister Raj Kumar Sharma, along with Home Affairs and Law Ministers, as well as Secretaries from other provinces, underscoring the event’s importance on the national agenda.

Key highlights of the conclave included a power session featuring Former Chief Ministers Jeevan Bahadur Shahi and Mahendra Shahi, alongside presentations from prominent figures such as ICT expert Manohar Kumar Bhattarai.

Minister Krishna Bahadur G.C. outlined 14 commitments aimed at fostering digital progress in the province, including support for startups and innovation, signalling a promising future for technological endeavors in Karnali.