Topics and Areas of Discussion

Session 1
a. National Keynote on Digital Capability
b. International Keynote - Experience of building Digital Policies Capabilities
c. International Keynote - Experience of building Digital Governance Capabilities
d. Thought leadership for Digital Nepal - the Power Samvad with Policy Makers and Domain Champions
Session 2
a. National identification and Digital Capabilities
b. Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship for Digital Governance Capability
c. Local and Provincial Digital Government Capabilities
d. Power Panel - Capability and Conflict for Digitally Capable Nepal
e. Digital Infrastructure for Digital Capabilities
Session 1
a. Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Capability
b. Emerging Tech Stack and Existing Digital Capabilities
c. Emerging Innovation Capabilities in AI / ML
d. International Experience on 5G and IoT for building Nepal’s Digital Capabilities
e. Tech Stack for Digital Government Capabilities (Government Service as a Platform)
Session 2
a. Data and Security for Digital Capability
b. Digital Leadership Capability
c. Fostering Digitally Saksham Nepal – A Way Forward
Detailed Information on Agendas, Schedule and Resource Persons will be available soon.