Huawei Digital Nepal Conclave 2022 in Association with InfoDevelopers Connected by Ncell will be focused on eight domains of the Digital Nepal Framework which include Connectivity, Finance, Agriculture, Education, Tourism, Urban Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Energy, and Health. Parallel to the conclave will be stalls for showcasing projects by government and private organizations.

The domains will be forcing on the conclave mainly will consist of following topics as our agendas:

1. Digital Governance and Public Service Delivery

The agenda will focus on transforming the way the government machinery works and investing in citizen-facing digital functions/ technologies.

2. Digital Services and Providers

The agenda will be discussing various digital services and their providers in various provinces and Nepal as a whole, focusing on the impacts they have been creating along with ways to support them as a community.

3. Digital Connectivity & Content

The agenda will focus on ensuring the quality of digital connectivity and ensuring reliability and quality of digital services. The agenda will consist of creating a digitally aware society.

4. Digital Finance

The agenda will focus on promoting the financial sector targeting the sizable unbanked population by leveraging digital technology and telecom infrastructure. Discussions on issues and the adaptability of cryptocurrency and blockchain will also be discussed under this agenda.

5. Digital Health

The agenda will focus on the roles and responsibilities of startups and government bodies in using technology in the health sector. It will promote telemedicine and app-based e-health services in the best manner possible.

6. Digital Education

The agenda will focus on promoting compulsory IT education in schools and colleges of the country along with increasing the education system's capacity to impart advanced ICT education. It will also focus on ICT literacy programs discussion and planning for rural communities and underprivileged Nepalese.

7. Digital Entrepreneurship – Innovation & Emerging Technologies

The agenda will focus on initiating necessary policy interventions to encourage private sector participation in the Digital Nepal program. It will focus on bringing significant investment opportunities along with public-private partnerships and foreign investments.

8. Cybersecurity

The agenda will focus on the governmental and private sector’s responsibility for Nepal’s cybersecurity ranging from government to private level infrastructure.

9. Digital Agriculture

Using technology in agriculture is a crucial need for the digital economic growth of the country. The agenda will focus on the use of modern technology and tools in promoting agriculture.

10. Digital Tourism

Tourism enhancement using the power of technology plays an important role in the Digital Nepal ecosystem. The discussion will focus on how electronic media along with AR, VR and app-based experiences can enhance the tourism sector of the country.

11. Digital Champions and Unicorns

The discussion will also feature talks on digital champions of the country that have been ruling the country with their digital product/service. It will be focused on how they have been able to do so and what other organizations must learn from them for getting proper success.